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WEDA Committees

WEDA's committees connect the activities of WEDA to interest groups within our membership. Committees work with the coordinator and board members on projects and programs in their areas of interest. Many committees are only active for short durations during the year as needed, so they won't require huge time commitments. This is a great way for our members to get involved and learn more about the workings of WEDA and the State. A lot happens between our membership meetings and joining a committee is a great way to get up to speed. For information about serving on any of these committees, please contact the WEDA office.

Legislative Committee

The overall job of the legislative committee is to work closely with WEDA’s lobbyist to identify legislative issues, bills and discussions that are relevant to economic development in Wyoming.? The committee is then responsible for determining a position to take on those issues for WEDA and encouraging involvement of WEDA members.? The committee will support the outreach efforts to WEDA members, legislators and stakeholders and/or constituents.

  • Works closely with lobbyist Lisa Johnson, lobbyist, to
    • Develop white papers for priorities and tracks interim committee topics’
      • Provides end-of-session report to the board
  • Stays up to date and informed on concerns/issues/bills related to ED
    • Discuss areas where action is needed
  • Development and coordination of regional education/awareness efforts for elected officials, WEDA members and community stakeholders
  • Assignments made by the group of direction to take with matters related to ED
  • Make recommendations to the board regarding positions for the association to take regarding specific legislation

Education Committee

The overall job of the education committee is to oversee and provide input into the education efforts of WEDA which include the conferences, mentoring program and scholarship program along with other educational opportunities as they arise.? The overall committee will have at least three subcommittees that oversee the conferences, mentoring and scholarships that will report back to the larger committee.

Education Sub Committees

  • Scholarship
  • Mentoring
  • Conferences

Mentoring Program

  • Steering Committee oversees and working with the WEDA Administrator on
    • Reviewing mentor/mentee applications and assigning mentor/mentee pairs
    • Reviewing and refining the mentoring curriculum
    • Scheduling and designing in person and electronic mentoring events
    • Participating in introduction and graduation activities
  • General Committee
  • Serves as a resource for mentors and mentees
  • Provides training and other education for the group as a whole
  • Gives feedback on program elements


  • Steering Committee
    • Review scholarship applications as they are submitted and provide recommendations for funding.
    • Work with WEDA administrator to monitor scholarship availability
  • General Committee
    • Monitors scholarship dollars
    • Makes recommendations on marketing of scholarships
    • Makes recommendations on changes to the scholarship program?

WEDA Conferences

  • Steering Committee
    • Works closely with WEDA partners on administration of conferences
    • Finalize speakers and topics.?
    • Work closely with partners and WEDA administrator on conference logistics
  • General Committee
    • Provide guidance, feedback and advice on
      • Setting a theme
      • Choosing and recruiting speakers
      • Creating and finalizing agendas
    • Review conference evaluations

Other General Committee Responsibilities

  • Examining other educational opportunities for WEDA members
  • Work with WEDA administrator to manage the Linda Hewitt Award which is presented during the fall conference each year

Marketing & Communication Committee

The overall job of the marketing and communications committee is to oversee and provide input into the strategies and direction of the marketing and communications efforts of WEDA.

Electronic Communications

  • Quality newsfeeds and notices to WEDA members and others interested in economic development across the state.
    • Social Media
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter page
  • Website

Publications – electronic and hard copy

  • Success Stories – more detailed stories about economic development successes across the state.? Published electronically one time per year.?
  • Various other WEDA documents – WEDA display, brochures, letterhead, etc.

Communications and PR

  • Identifying and scheduling speaking opportunities to talk about economic development and the building blocks?
  • Keeping the Building Blocks Presentation and materials up to date

Assuring that the WEDA Brand is consistent and used appropriately?

Conducting the Funding Source Survey once every two years

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee is responsible looking at ways to engage current members and bring on new members and supporters.? They work closely with the other committees to build membership opportunities and to work toward a more engaged membership.??

  • Survey or talk with current members to determine the value of WEDA and what could be done better.
  • Identify potential events, activities or engagements that will allow more members to be involved and share their voice.?
  • Review current and past membership lists to determine if calls should be made
  • Work with WEDA administrator to make lists of potential members, potential membership categories and how to develop those members
  • Maintain the membership brochure, application and rates
  • Review current and potential sponsor lists
  • Work with WEDA administrator to develop new sponsors
  • Work closely with the marketing and communications committee to develop new members.???
  • Periodically make calls to present and potential businesses/organization to get;
    • Membership
    • Sponsorship