ZGF, in conjunction with Hatch Engineering and other Calgary partners, is developing the urban design component of the functional plan for the Green Line North segment. ZGF is also developing the Green Line Urban Integration Report, an overall project vision document which comprehensively addresses infrastructure integration with the variety of neighborhoods, incorporation of ongoing transit oriented development planning, complete streets and multi-modal connectivity, and city-shaping. The vision for the Green Line is a continuous LRT service from North Pointe in the north, to Seton in the southeast, with additional extensions to Keystone in the longer term. The identified route follows Centre Street North and Harvest Hills Boulevard, a constrained urban corridor which is the busiest bus-based transit corridor in Calgary. Forming the spine of multiple neighborhoods across Calgary and connecting the downtown with residential communities in north and southeast Calgary, this corridor will also provide direct connections to a variety of new civic amenities and several business revitalization zones.? Construction is slated to begin in 2018 and targeted to be complete in 2024.