On a Pro-Bono basis, ZGF provided urban planning and conceptual design services to transform an unsightly patch of concrete on the south side of Washington DC’s Dupont Circle into an innovative 850 SF micro-park that exhibits user-generated renewable energy. ZGF’s design for the park included the installation of Pavegen kinetic pavers, which were funded by a $150,000 grant that ZGF worked with Sustainable DC to secure. Pedestrians are invited to participate in an energy solution that transforms the power of their footsteps into electricity, which is harnessed to light the park. As visitors walk across the overlook throughout the day, the tiles generate electricity with every step. This electricity is stored in a battery for use at night to illuminate the staggered granite seating and create a lighting display. Located on a bridge structure, the park contains raised planters that were developed to incorporate landscape into the design.