ZGF partnered with the National Capital Planning Commission, U.S. General Services Administration and a consortium of local and federal agencies for development of urban design and sustainability strategies to establish the SW Ecodistrict in Washington DC, the country’s first government-backed ecodistrict envisioned as an active, multimodal, mixed-use neighborhood. The resulting comprehensive and forward-looking ecodistrict approach will transform a once disconnected and aging federal precinct into a highly sustainable workplace, cultural destination, and livable neighborhood. The 110-acre Ecodistrict is targeting net-zero energy as measured in carbon by 2030 through the interconnection of high-performance renovated and new buildings, green infrastructure, and vibrant open spaces to pool resources and share byproducts. Water, gas, electricity, and heating and cooling will all be shared among the buildings to create a 24-hour synergy. The SW Ecodistrict is home to one of the city’s most highly trafficked metro stations and planning accounts for transit enhancements to accommodate increased transit use from residents, workers, and visitors. The resulting neighborhood will use resources more efficiently and contribute to the city’s economic vitality and environmental health.