ZGF designed the 162,000 SF maintenance facility.?The four-story building accommodates 100 vehicles and includes a range of shops and labs—electronics, signals, communications—associated with the maintenance of the light rail cars, a central control room, dispatch and wait ready rooms, offices, staff training and support spaces, and a warehouse for spare parts.?It also includes nine bays that each support two light rail vehicles, a hydraulic vehicle hoist with turntables to move components into the adjacent truck shop, maintenance pits, mezzanine work platforms, cranes, a body shop, and an automated light rail vehicle wash. The front door of the building is marked by a long ramp, which invites the public—students and other groups—to see the rail cars being serviced and experience the multi-level functioning of the maintenance operation. Safety Spires—a public art installation—is incorporated into the overhead centenary system poles carry power to the light rail vehicles. They have tapered tops and a distinctive pattern inspired by the native horsetail plant. The R sign, signifying rail and visible from the interstate, once marked the now defunct nearby Rainier Brewery.