ZGF programmed and designed a building that physically embodies the client’s need for an environment that fosters collaboration, discoveries and expansion. The 91,485 SF Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research provides a permanent home for stem cell research in the University’s first LEED Gold? building on the Health Sciences Campus. The first floor is dedicated to public functions, with a lobby and large seminar room. The four floors above consist of open, flexible laboratories organized in a transparent neighborhood scheme, which sets this building apart from other laboratory facilities in that there are no obstructions across the width of the building. This unique arrangement provides visual connections between program elements and allows flexibility for future modifications. Interaction areas on every floor further promote collaboration. An innovative, high-performance glass envelope brings natural light deep into the interior, while serving as an integral part of the building’s operating system. The west fa?ade utilizes angled glass fins to reduce glare. The east fa?ade features a ventilated double-glass wall, which acts as a buffer to moderate interior temperatures, reduces solar gain, and creates oblique views with its play of transparent and translucent glass. The building is an R&D magazine Laboratory of the Year High Honors Award recipient.